Panels 2022

Event in Cartagena, Colombia and online for Carbon Project Developers and Small Businesses interested in Sustainability.

  • Learn about measuring and reducing your business’ carbon footprint.
  • Learn to promote your brand by engaging your customers on the topic of climate change.
  • Share ways to optimize the revenue from your carbon project through carbon offset sales, and tokenization of biodiversity credits.
  • Address human resource challenges in the rural areas where carbon projects actually  happen. 

We have an exceptional group of speakers featuring key segments of  the carbon industry, so in addition to getting some tactical skills and advice, this is also an amazing networking opportunity for ESG and Carbon professionals.

We have $9,420 raised for Cartagena’s Urban Mangrove Restoration. Our goal is $50k.

Support the mangroves in Cartagena


Meta Carbon provides social engagement methods that seek to help companies reduce both their own and their customer’s carbon footprint.

Travel with a purpose and tap into the ultimate collection of Colombia’s most eco-friendly beds — a very special selection of hotels, vacation rentals and eco-lodges doing their bit to help Colombia build healthy habitats for everyone.

C-Neutral is a technology-based company whose purpose is to articulate all the players in the low-carbon market in Colombia and in the world.

The global movement that truly enables climate finance through meaningful investment in digital carbon assets alongside countries and institutions.

Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is a scalable open platform that allows forest projects of any size, from around world, to Measure, Report, and Verify (MRV) their forestation data.

Fight climate change and earn rewards with KLIMA, a digital currency backed by real carbon assets.

Allows you to deposit crypto-assets and obtain Carbon Offset NFTs in exchange. We leverage DeFi yield farming alongside our partnerships with Carbon Offset Projects, to enable ownership of a new asset class for our users.

Terra Focus takes a program management approach to land assets, identifying opportunities for cross development, maximizing immediate and long term value through various market segments.

NEOMI is an investment ecosystem that brings more transparency to investors and more capital to those doing good. By using blockchain technology and tokenization to unlock the liquidity of assets, investments can make more of a difference sooner.

Carbon Creatures is the world’s first NFT dedicated to capturing carbon. The majority of the sale proceeds for Carbon Creatures NFTs go to organizations that capture carbon from the atmosphere and to charities that support endangered creatures and habitats.

The Brooklyn2Bogota community offers valuable knowledge and guidance to members, while connecting founders collaborating for digital growth and empowerment.

Provides consulting and training services for digital transformation and strategic developments to improve company results and guarantee a sustainable walk into the future.

Under the administration of Mayor William Dau the city of Cartagena has focused on building transparency and prosperity by investing in marginalized communities as part of its fight against corruption and extreme poverty.

Why Cartagena?

You know Cartagena has been on your bucket list for ever as a world heritage site with amazing architecture, rich culture, and fascinating history.  But, it’s also a city struggling to adapt to climate change.  Come learn about the mangrove marshes at the urban-ocean interface, meet the people living there, planting seedlings, protecting biodiverisy, and helping the community.

In the Islands you can see the impact of climate change at a local bio-luminescent  bay.